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    JBoss store and forward JMS to remote JBoss on unreliable co

    parlor Newbie


      I am using JBoss 3.2.1 with JBossMQ on multiple computers each running there own non-clustered instance. My question relates to sending a JMS message to a queue or durable topic from one computer to another with an "unreliable" network connection between the two. Is there any way to configure JBoss and/or JMS to store and forward a JMS message to a remote queue once the connection is detected to be available again? My scenario is thus

      - PC 1 is connected to PC2
      - PC 1 sends JMS messages to queue or topic on PC2
      - PC 2 (or 1) loses its connection to the network
      - PC 1 still sends messages to PC2 and JBoss stores them and forwards them once the connection to the remote provider is detected.

      I have searched the forums here, the JBoss SAMS book, and the web and haven't found to much on this.

      Thanks for anyones help