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    MessageCache.currentMemoryUsage grows without shrinking in J

    Nigel Birch Newbie


      Using JBoss on Linux.

      The JBossMQ in JBoss 3.0.4 seems to be holding onto memory. I'm using the JMX Console to look at the MessageCache MBean and I'm watching the currentMemoryUsage attribute....

      In my case it starts off at ~40. As the system runs it will creep up to ~80 and then go straight back to ~40 again. But after a few days and some 'high' load periods it settles at ~80 as its lowest value and creeps up to ~110. So I'm assuming there is a memory leak.

      My file-based cacheStore is empty, and my persistance store (for durable subscriptions?) is also empty. My HiMemoryMark is 140 and my MaxMemoryMark is 180.

      Are there any known memory problems with this version of the JBossMQ?