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    How to create new queues dynamically?

    arabin Novice

      I am trying to create new queues dynamically, usinf DestinationManager Mean.
      I create queue AA, then send 2 messaged into the queue. Then I shutdown JBoss and restart it. If I create the queue AA again, using DestinationManager, then QueueDepth is 2. If I destroy the queue, and then create it again, the messages are forgotten, however. The depth becomes 0.

      What is the way to unregister the queue for a while? So that the depth would become 2 when I want to recreate the queue?

      I mean if I shutdwn JBoss and restart it back, the queue is not there until I create it with destination manager. That is exactly the status for the queue I am trying to achieve - so that the queue is not available yet, but cold be created and the messages would be available if read.