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    How to force Rerender even if validation fails?


      I have read all of the posting, and wiki artilcles related to this topic and still do not understand how to make this work.

      My problem is that I have a dataGrid with a link that opens up a modal panel.

      This modal panel stays open if validation fails. I am doing all of the validation in my backing bean, but JSF validation is causing me severe problems.

      Here is the scenario.

      1. User opens one of the items form the dataGrid in my modal panel.
      2. User types a letter in a field that belongs to java.Long.
      3. Validation error is displayed. "Enter an Integer."
      4. User gives up and closes the modal to edit another item.
      5. The only field that is rerenderd is one that had a validation error.

      I want all of the fields to be rerendered if I open a new modal panel. Not just the one that had a validation error.

      In fact all fields remain the same and this can cause my object to be overwritten with data from two different objects.

      Is there a way to force the rerender regardless of validation errors? Is it possible to clear all validation errors programatically an then allow a rerender?

      I would appreciate some help and this is not very intuitive to me and can cause serious data corruption in my application.