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    Message scheduling how?  Step by step.

    nic7834 Newbie

      Hi there

      Could someone please explain how to schedule the delivery time of a JMS message step by step. I don't understand how to use the JBoss specific features that are supposed to be in 3.2.2RC2 and above (see extract below).

      How is the property supposed to be set and what format is the delivery time supposed to be in? Sample code appreciated.

      Thanks all!
      Nic Lai

      Extract from this forum:

      Applied a patch which adds the following JBoss
      vendor-specific JMS properties:


      1. Scheduled delivery, paused (delayed) re-delivery
      2. Track number of delivery attempts of a message
      3. Set maximum delivery attempts per message
      4. Proactively expire messages, without having to
      restore the whole message from disk if cached. Also, the
      same timer thread which handles scheduled messages proactively "reaps" expired messages.