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    TemporaryQueue Leaves Threads behind on Delete

    stan-jboss Newbie

      I am running JBoss 3.2.2RC4 and having a problem where for every javax.jms.TemporaryQueue that is created and deleted, a new thread is left behind. I've got two hypotheses at this point. One is that there is something slightly amiss with my code (I've attached a simplified version, based off code in bug number 690789). My other thought is that there is something related to this bug which is preventing full clean up of TemporaryQueue's.

      I ran the attached files on a separate machine from the Jboss server, and watched the number of threads in the http://localhost/web-console/ServerInfo.jsp status page. After each run, another 100 threads are added to the active "#Threads", and never disappear. Eventually (after enough threads), this crashes the server.

      I can report a new bug if the problem is not with my code.