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    Problem with different time setting

    fenor Newbie

      I have a strange problem with JMS messages.
      I'll try to explain it clearly.

      I have a client that send JMS messages to JBoss. Messages are readen by message driven bean. Client and application server are on different machines, with different time setting (there are only a few minutes of difference between them).

      At the beginning client code used to set the time to live for jms message, and seemed that jboss didn't receive any message.
      So, I decided not to put a limit on message life, and the problem seemed solved (may be that code makes strange time consideration using currentTimeMillis???).

      Now I have a similar problem. Comunication seems to work for a few time, but after a few minutes or a few hour jboss seems not to receive any message again..There are no exception or strange prints...It only seems like message get lost in the net.
      Jboss is fine, no excessive load and keeps on working with other components that use jms (from other machine)

      unfortunatly I can't monitor ip packet or something like that since the two machines are not under my control or administration....

      Any idea??? May different time setting be the source of problem?
      Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.