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    CurrentMemoryUsage attribute of MessageCache MBean increases

    Nigel Birch Newbie


      Using JBossMQ in JBoss3.0.8 on Linux.

      I have a system that uses a variety of Queues and Topics, with durable and non-durable subscriptions. The heap usage of JBoss as a whole increases over time, and I'm wondering if it may be occuring in JBossMQ....

      I'm observing the CurrentMemoryUsage attribute of the MessageCache MBean using the JMX-Console.
      The value of this attribute will oscillate following a sawtooth pattern. It starts at ~20 and increases to ~50 over a 30 second period, and drops down to ~20 again. I presume this is normal behavior. After 9 days of moderate JMS bus usage the value of CurrentMemoryUsage cycles from ~90 to ~120.

      Other MessageCache MBean attribute values (after 9 days runtime):
      TotalCacheSize = 0
      SoftRefCacheSize = 0
      SoftenedSize = 1
      HardRefCacheSize = 0
      CacheHits = 213979
      CacheMisses = 0

      Does the increase in CurrentMemoryUsage point to messages being retained? The durable subscriptions are not persisting any messages in the persistent store (file based).

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.