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    JBoss MQ sleep cause slow performance

    Tameshwar Sahu Newbie


      In my application I am using message selector to select message from queue and there are some configurable number of java threads, which picks their matching, messages from queue and process it. During load testing Jboss MQ is giving me very poor performance. I have noticed that after sometimes my tool, which continuously sends, message to queue gets in sleep mode for 5-6 second after sometime. I am using Jboss3.2.2RC4 and J2sdk1.4.1_02. I read somewhere that selector expression slow down the performance, Is there any setting in jboss using that performance can be improved.

      Any suggestion would be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          What do you mean by "sleep mode"
          There is no such thing.

          What is the limiting factor you are seeing?

          Too many network connections? - the connections are put
          in a backlog

          CPU maxing out? - this would indicate your selector is the problem

          Memory is full? jboss moves messages to disk to free memory

          Waiting for database connections from the pool?
          if you are using the default hsqldb setting (not recommended)
          there is a maximum of 20 db connections - everybody else waits.
          If the database is slow, everybody else waits.

          Figure out what your limiting factor is, then come back to