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    rollinglogged - RollOverSize?

    tatejones Newbie

      What is the purpose of the RollOverSize attribute for the rollinglogged persistence manager?

      The rollinglogged persistence manager performs well, however restoring the queues after a shutdown can take hours if the queues are large (50k messages). Does the rolloversize value or the cache memory levels effect the startup time? Currently have the RollOverSize set to 250.

      Thanks in advance

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          Adrian Brock Master

          First, I've never used the rollinglogged persistence manager.

          Part of the startup is to load the queue with the messages.
          If there isn't enough memory the messages will be flushed
          back out into the cache store on disk.
          This is inefficient for the file based pms because you
          endup with two copies of a persistent message on disk if memory
          is full.
          The jdbc2 version implements a combined pm/cache.

          Another part of startup is to rollback incomplete transactions by
          reading the transactions logs.

          The RollOverSize is used to control how many messages
          go in each transaction log before a new log is started.