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    publish messages and ignore current transaction?

    Chris Harris Newbie

      Is there any way to configure JBossMQ such that the publication of messages will *ignore* any currently active transaction?

      The scenario is that we make a call to an EJB method that takes a few minutes to run (we have a long tx timeout), but would like to publish progress messages during the computation for consumption by a client GUI. Problem is that at the moment, the JMS messages don't actually get published until the tx commits (it's all set up with XA connections) and then they all come at once.

      I've tried using java:/ConnectionFactory instead of java:/JmsXA to get my connections but that doesn't seem to make any difference. Of course it's quite hard to test in any automated way.

      I can't run without a transaction since the side-effects of the method call updates CMPs etc and I want transactional control there - I just want to publish JMS messages in a no-tx way.

      Could I set up another ConnectionFactory with no-tx?