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    Threads stuck in "unknown" state with UIL2

    null null Newbie

      I am currently experiencing some problems when using UIL2 invocation layer. I have been seeing incorrect thread counts for some time (~ when I upgraded to 3.2.2 I think). If I look at the ServerInfo MBean and look at the thread dump, the count is nowhere near the number of threads the dump is reporting. I started up JBoss in debug mode and when I connect to it with a jdb session, I can see in the JBossMQ thread group there are many (a couple thousand) threads laying around that are reported to be in state "unkown". Where all threads are either in a "running" or "waiting" state, these threads in the "waiting" state do not appear in a thread dump as well. When I look at a stack trace for any of these threads I can see that they are instances of "SImpleTimerThread" instantiated from somepoint (can't remember exactly where) in the UIL2 layer. Has anyone seen this before? I am running in a pub/sub environment with ~350 topics created and up to 400 UIL2 connections and ~50 OIL connections. This did happen whether or not I was creating any OIL connections.