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    Problem with JBoss-3.2.2 while using JMS

    subbarao Newbie

      Hi Users,

      The problem with JBoss-3.2.2 while using JMS

      I am in the Local Area Network. I am trying to lookup to for publisher/subscriber the message in some queue(let us say testQueue). I am able to successfully connect to the JBoss server (on and publish/subscribe the message in the testQueue (Where as JBoss server is not running on Later I came to know some where in my network JBoss is running(let us say and my publisher/subscriber connecting to that server (


      JBoss server is not running in the IP ( but running in the IP (

      My Expected Output was:- It need to get a exception saying that the server is not running (javax.naming.CommunicationException: Unable to communicate with the naming service on servers Is my expected output is correct?.

      Here I am attaching the source code of Publisher and Subscriber. Please look into this issue and let me guide how to proceed.