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    Can I attach a message driven bean to a dynamically created

    arabin Novice

      I am running jboss 3.2.2RC3 with tomcat.
      I have a message driven bean, that has a tag <destination-jndi-name>queue/EVENT_NOTIFICATION</destination-jndi-name> in it's jboss.xml file (deployment descriptor). As long as my jbossmq-destinations-service.xml file does not define an mbean for this queue, when the Message Driven Bean is deployed, a temporary queue is created (with the name EVENT_NOTIFICATION and jndiName queue/EVENT_NOTIFICATION).

      Later I create a queue with name=EVENT and jndiName = queue/EVENT_NOTIFICATION using destination manager.
      Is there a way to have the message driven bean to be reattached to this queue instead of an old one?

      I tried to stop certain MBeans, associated with this MDB, before creating the new queue, and destryoing the temporary old one (that was attached to MDB upon it's creation),and starting those MBeans after that, but I did not succeed.

      Basically, what I want to have is the following. I want a message driven bean to be attached finally to my own queue, that is created by using DestinationManager MBean. The reason why I want to have that is that I do not want the queue to be static (listed in jbossmq-destinations-service.xml)

      I'd like to know if that is possible.