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    Dumb question or Dumb user interface. Who knows!

    Jeremy Flowers Newbie

      How do you download ajax4jsf and find out the dependencies..
      There is no obvious way do download from JBoss site.

      I saw example in Core JSF 2nd edition.
      There examples don't work because of missing jar dependancies.

      Started off with commons-logging class not found
      Then commons-collections
      Then commons-digester...
      Then beanutils...

      Got fed up chasing my tail.

      Then find ajax4jsf.dev.net link doesn't point correctly to JBoss.
      What a pain in the neck all this is.

      From what I can tell from looking in Maven for v1.06 of ajax4jsf. it depends on oscache-2.3

      Core JSF download came bundled with ajax4jsf.jar V1.02 and

      oscache 2.3 doesn't say anything about commons. So what's the score?