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    Race conditions in JBoss (Lomboz)

    Christian Groove Newbie


      i am envisaged with a problem, that occures when
      my JBoss app-server is started inside eclipse and
      starts also my previously deployed applications, that
      has a Message-Driven-Bean.

      Each time i start JBoss, the application say's that it
      is unable to find the DefaultJMSProvider, because it is
      not bound.
      A quick look into the jmx-console (JNDI-viewer) shows,
      that the DefaultJMSProvider resides in the java: namespace.

      Could this be a sort of race-condition, because the
      JMS-Handler was unable to register its ressource while
      my deployed MDB request for a queue ressource.

      It is funny, when i re-deploy the application, the
      error does not occur.

      (System: Suse-Linux)