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    Dan Davison Newbie

      Using 3.2.3 from sourceforge.

      I have an MDB as a durable subscriber to a topic that works when messges are sent to via the standard ConnectionFactory.

      queueConnectionFactory =
      (QueueConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("ConnectionFactory");

      But when using HAILConnectionFactory, or HAILXAConnectionFactory

      The messages are sent but the MDB never executes. I have confirmed this using the HAJMSClient MBean. It shows the messages sent.

      Dan D.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Are you sure you are using a QueueConnectionFactory
          to send messages to a topic?

          Durable topic subscriptions are not supported without the
          JDBC state manager see my previous posts.


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            Dan Davison Newbie

            You are correct the code is actually about the connection factory i am using to send the message to the mdb.

            topicConnectionFactory =
            (TopicConnectionFactory) ctx.lookup("HAILXAConnectionFactory");

            Once again though the issue is that the MDB executes if the connection factory is ConnectionFactory.

            but does nothing when the connection factory is HAILXAConnectionFactory or HAILConnectionFactory

            Is there something i have to configure to get MDB's to listen on the HAILXAConnectionFactory

            Dan D.

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              Dan Davison Newbie

              I figured it out. There was another machine running in the cluster on the network.

              When that was shutdown the MDB executed fine.

              Now I just have to figure out how to configure the cluster correctly :)

              Dan D.