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    urgent questions about JBossMQ

    ionel Newbie


      I need to have important informations about JBossMQ to
      make my boss switch to JBoss :)
      All my questions are about pub/sub work.

      Security :
      - does JBossMQ support some kind of authentication
      (users/roles) of subscribers ?
      - do the messages are or can be encrypted over the
      wire ?

      Dispatching :
      - how are the messages sent to the subscribers ? Say I
      have three subscribers for the same topic. Do the
      messages are broadcasted over the network or does
      JBossMQ send every message to each subscribers
      sequentially (sending three times the messages directly
      to subscribers) ?
      - does JBossMQ uses JGroups to send messages ?
      - with an object made of 3 double, 2 int, 2 boolean
      and 1 long, plus get/setters, how long will it take to send 6000 of them

      thanks for your help,