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    Trying to move to JBoss from WebLogic 6.1

    btal Newbie


      I am working on moving my project from weblogic 6.1 to Jboss 4 (dev version).

      In WL I do three things:
      >>> I create 2 connection factories. One for persistent Topics and the other for non-persistent queues.
      >>> I create a data store and link it to the some oracle data-source that I have.
      >>> And then I configure the JMS server with several Topics and Queues.

      With JBoss I managed to understand how to configure the jbossmq-destination-service.xml to describe my Topics and Queues.
      But I didnt understand yet how to describe my own connection factories, nor how to set them to work with my own oracle data source.
      So far I understood that JBoss offers few layers of possible connections (rmi, tcp, http, ...) , but I could find how to make my modifications ...

      Any help would be greatly appriciated !