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    remote MDB

    Tanja Ertl Newbie


      "Tanja" wrote:
      I want to establish a MDB running on server A getting messages from a queue on server B. I use JBoss MQ on both server.
      I configured jms-ds.xml, standardjboss.xml und jboss.xml like adrian described in the FAQ.
      I can deploy my bean without error, but when I send a message in the queue on server B nothings happens.
      Any idea what could be wrong?
      Has someone a complete example to test?

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          tsrmohan Newbie


          "tsrmohan" wrote:
          I am facing the same problem with JBoss 3.2.2. If anyone has found a solution to this, please share.

          The problem is that an MDB listening for messages on a remote Queue, fails to get messages delivered to that queue.