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    MDB and queue stopping after

    pbk2513 Newbie

      I have an MDB as messsageListener on a NON_PERSISTENT queue. The queue connection is created with createQueueSession(false,AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE)
      Object messages are frequently send onto the queue. Now and then message gets timeouted allthough the timeout is set to 5mins, however that is not the problem.
      The problem is an instance where the MDB stops receiving messages after 2 "I dropped a message" reports. From then on, onMessage() was not activated in MDB although messages was sent onto the queue. There where no exceptions or errors from the messageproducer likewise for the messageconsumer.
      Is this a jboss error or the caurse of inappropriate queue use?
      If it is a jboss error what version should I upgrade to? and is there a 2.4.x version that solves it?

      System setup: Linux with SUN JVM 1.3_9, jboss 2.4.4