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    get IP address of client from JMS message

    kprindia Newbie

      I am using jboss 3.2.1
      In my system, a client sends jms messages using http invocation layer.
      A message driven bean is responsible for handling the messages that arrive at the queue. This handling is done in the onMessage(Message) body.
      I want to get the IP address of the client that sent this jms Message.
      I want to do this at the server side.
      I don't want client to set its ip address in the message body or in properties and send to me. I want to get it on the server side only like
      how we do it in servlet by asking request.getRemoteAddr().

      Is there a way to get this ip address in this jboss JMS messaging.

      Please reply if anyone is aware of the way to do it.

      Currently the only option for me is to modify the HTTPServerILServlet.
      I plan to do by getting IP address from the request, get the Message present in request arguments, and place the IP address in it. So that i can receive the IP address in the message driven bean.

      Is there a better way than this to solve my problem.
      please reply soon.