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    first call to commandbutton failed

    Matthieu Guyonnet-Duluc Newbie


      I use
      - two a4jsf commandbuttons
      - one a4jsf support tag for a h:selectOneRadio JSF component.

      inside a page.

      On my computer with a local Tomcat server everything works fine.

      When I deploy my webapp on a remote Tomcat I got a strange behavior :

      - If I click on either buttons FIRST, I got an error (see below) and my actionListener on the button is not called
      - If I change FIRST the selection on the selectradio (and the request succeed), after that the clicks on buttons don't failed

      I don't see any problem in the startup of the webapp. I tried to deploy the same war file from my IDE (Netbeans).

      I used t:savestate component to have some bean properties inside the scope between request and session.

      the exception :

      ATTENTION: executePhase(RENDER_RESPONSE 6,com.sun.faces.context.FacesContextImpl@3b6dbd) threw exception
      javax.faces.FacesException: org.apache.jasper.el.JspELException: /cartes/ViewCarte.jsp(147,24) '#{carteController.titre}' Error reading 'titre' on type com.xxxxx.cartes.CarteController

      My components :

       styleClass="btNorm" reRender="imgCarte,titreCarte">
       <f:attribute name="increment" value="1" />
       <f:selectItems value="#{carteController.calquesCartes.selectCalquesAdmin}" />
       <a4j:support actionListener="#{carteController.changerCalquesAdmin}" event="onchange" reRender="calqueAdmin"/>