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    QueueSession and QueueReceiver

    nmartins Newbie


      After I recover a message, I want to close session and queuereceiver. Which must be closed first to ensure that unacknowledge message will be redelivered?

      If I try to close first session and then queuereceiver, after some time queuesession will hang when trying to close it. Why?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Elias Ross Master

          You should close them in the opposite order of creation.

          JBoss JMS shouldn't be hanging, however. If your program hangs, you can get a stack trace under UNIX (kill -3 pid) or Windows (ctrl-break) and please post a bug with the version information and a test case or some code snippet for reproducing the problem.

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            nmartins Newbie


            You were right in the order because now session can be closed without hanging. The problem is other: I can see that messages are in a queue and after redeliver a number of times (while doing session.recover()), a message is no longer redeliver but it stays in the queue (when close receiver and session).