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    Application initialization sequence

    jieshengz Newbie

      I have a J2EE application which has a EJB module and a web module. For this application, I have some initialization code which should be done at the application startup. I implemented the application Initializer as a web context listener. That is the application is initialized when Jboss initialize the web context. Then the EJB is fine to process request.
      However I found out that the EJB module initialization and web module initialization were two parallel processes. The EJB can process client-request before the web context is completed initialized. More specifically, I have a MDB which subscribes a topic durablely. The MDB will use some stuff initialized by web context lsitener. However the message arrives on MDB before the application is initialized.
      Is there application-wide initialization mechanism that holds off all client request until the application initialization is finished?