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    Firefox update => JS security problems !

    Marine Wacheux Newbie


      I just updated from Firefox to, that corrects come security problems.
      But now, some RichFaces (3.1.6) components seems not to work anymore.

      Here is a JavaScript error I get :

      uncaught exception: Permission refusée d'obtenir la propriété HTMLDocument.defaultView
      Line 2148
      getElementsByTagName("INPUT", span#ajax-view-state)framework.pack.js (line 2148)
      processResponse(Object _query=Object _documentElement=html options=Object)framework.pack.js (line 2408)

      Is this problem identified by RichFaces team ?
      Is there a workaround for this ?
      I wanted to go back to Firefox, but I can't find how :-(

      I'm in a hurry, as my webapps is unusable.
      Thanks for any help / idea....