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    Changing cache settings do not seem to have an influence

    spageau Newbie

      I change the cache settings in the file file-pm-service.xml that I placed in folder server\default\deploy\jms (in replacement for hsqldb-jdbc2-service.xml). The numbers I specify for the cache are 64 for high and 78 for max.
      When jboss starts, the memory for java.exe is about 56Meg. The memory grows beyond the 78Meg (I did not think it would) and I don't see nothing dumped on disk. Eventually, I run out of memory.
      I read many messages about setting the cache and do it per instructions but I don't see any effect. Can someone tell me what I am not doing right? Thanks

      PS: using JBoss-3.2.3, no durable subscriber, just simple publish to one topic and a single client subscriber (as guest)