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    Messages not seen on Remote clients..

    Chris White Newbie


      I have a JMS Applet communicating with a server application via JMS.

      Firstly i have real problems getting the Applet to do a InitialContext.lookup on one of my objects. Despite settings java.naming.provider.url=x.x.x.x, the lookup always fails on an exception to connect to (rmi port). I can solve this little problem by inserting -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=x.x.x.x in my JBoss run.sh script.

      Secondly (and i suspect that this has to do with the -Djava.rmi.server...line in run.sh), My Applet runs fine on one machine (i.e. client browser and jboss server on single PC). I have a extra message subscriber which prints out any posts made to the main Topic.

      However, when i open the browser on another remote machine, and post a message to a Topic, the topic is processed by the server app, and a response apparently sent, but i never see the response on the remote machine (running applets on both local and remote machine shows the message response being seen on the local machine, but not seen on the remote machine).

      Does anybody have any advice on how to track down this little problem ??.