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    JBoss and Oracle Advanced Queue (No OC4J, straight to databa

    Steve Posick Newbie

      Hello all,

      Based on the information and examples I found here on how to get JBoss connectecd to Websphere MQ I was able to get JBoss to connect directly to the Oracle databases to access Advanced Queuing. Heck, it even delivers messages to MDB's. Unfortunately in order to get it working I had to write wrapper classes around several of Oracle's JMS classes (The JMS portion of the AQ api is horribly written and expects an LDAP server).

      I do have a problem when trying to shutdown JBoss, the shutdown hangs when it tries to kill the MDB, but the MBD's ejbRemove() method is never called. Anybody have any idea where I should start looking for the problem.

      I would be more than happy to share the code and plan on posting it when I resolve this final issue. The solution isn't elegant because what I had to do to work around flaws in the AQAPI, but it is effective.

      If anyone has done this in an easier way I would love to hear that too! (no LDAP, no OC4J). Just JBoss and the aqapi.jar