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    UIL v OIL in 3.0.4

    ericjkaplan Newbie

      We have been using jboss for a while and have an installation on v 3.0.4 that is seeing sporadic jms "disconnects". By that I mean the server thinks the client is no longer there, though it is. We are using the OIL connection factory.

      1. How might this happen? Is this possible?

      2. Is there a more "reliable" factory than OIL (though maybe less performant). We considered UIL but Scott warned us "Don't go there".

      We know UIL2 in jboss 4 is the way to go but upgrading right now is not possible. Should we give UIL a shot? We don't have exceedingly high message rates.

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          Adrian Brock Master

          No don't use UIL (it has all sorts of deadlock problems). It has been
          deleted in recent versions and replaced with UIL2 as of 3.0.7 or 3.2.x

          There are all sorts of memory leak problems in jms before jboss-3.0.5,
          especially in topics with selectors.

          See previous discussions on this subject in this forum.