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    synchronize in onMessage?

    Lei Shen Newbie

      I am trying to add a static field in the MessageDrivenBean to count how many total message this particular type of Bean processed.

      Question 1:
      Is this the right way to do it? Do I need to synchronize when I increase the counter? Will JBoss take care of the synchronize for me automatically?

      Question 2:
      I was read somewhere that by default JBoss can have 15 concurrent message processing. Is that true? Where can I find more document?


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          Elias Ross Master

          There are already processing statistics stored in the JBoss server. You can see them via the JMX console under the "jboss.mq.destination" category.

          If you're using a static variable, then you need to synchronize on some sort of static lock. JBoss will create up to 15 MDB objects. You should use something like SynchronizedInteger in concurrent.jar.