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    configure client to send requests via 8080

    Harshinie Dayaratne Newbie

      in my application i want to send requests to the server via port 8080.

      therefore i have changed the invoker proxy binding in the conf/standardjboss.xml.
      also i have changed the jboss service xml of the jboss-invoker.sar.

      now the jboss server listening through port 8080.

      the clinet connection is esatablished via HTTP Connection factory.

      PROVIDER_URL is defined
      in the LAN it is working ok. hence i observe when client sends the requests it dynamically opens 3 ports other than 8080. example 1754,1755 etc.
      but these requests are accepted from port 8080 of the server.

      when i try to send requests via internet a connection time out exception is coming. in the server only port 8080 is opened through firewall.

      what do i need to do to send requests to via internet.

      Thanks in advance