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    Flooding JBossMQ hangs Linux - What is recommended?

    Nichol Draper Newbie

      We have a few application servers in production which have locked up so that we cannot bring up a bash shell. They would only lock up after many days of running. The logs did not show anything conclusive, each crash has a different sequence prior to the crash in the log.

      After trying many different things we believe that we have reproduced the problem on our test machine by writing a module that place our messages on a queue. We can lock up the full machine in a few minutes by running a large load test.

      We are using MSSQL 2000 for our regular database on a separate machine, but we are using the hypersonic for the message queue.

      As I reread the FAQ I noticed the line that states:

      NOTE: hypersonic is NOT recommend for production
      see docs/examples/jms for alternate db configurations

      What is the recommended database? Are all of the other choice equal? If so, why does JBoss come with Hypersonic as the default?