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    MDB and stop in recieving messages.

    Martin Husted Hartvig Newbie

      I'm having a strange problem with a single MDB on a queue (JBossMQ). The setup started on jboss 2.4.4 where we are sending messages from a client to the MDB who calls a session bean (Facade). Out of the blue the MDB just stops recieving messages with no exceptions or what so ever. The client keeps sending, I guess it's becourse we are using QueueSession.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE, and there is no exceptions in the client. 2 weeks ago we changed only the JMS to that from 2.4.11, but it's still there...... Can someone give a hint? We are almost trying the jboss 3.2.3, but don't know if it will help, or should we maybe change to a other JMS??
      I hope someone can help.

      Martin Hartvig