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    JMS and MDB in etherogeneus environment

    Andrea Bondi Newbie

      Hi to all.
      Firstly, I want to excuse myself for my not perfect english, I hope somebody will understand ;)
      I want also to thank everybody for developing this wonderful platform!

      I need to create an asynchronous messaging service that works this way:
      1- I open a connection over tcp/ip with a proprietary protocol on port 8000
      2- some commands with a simple answer from the server
      3- a command for sending messages
      4- for every message I receive a unique id
      5- wait...
      6- when the status of a message is changed (proprietary status indications, like accepted, delivered...) the server delivers me a message with the unique id and the new status. Every line of this message is preceeded by a "!" char, starts with "!StatusInd" and ends with"!OK"

      I'm looking for the way to implement the listener for the message status indications sent by the server in an asynchronous way. Is it possible to implement such a thing with JMS and Message-Driven-Beans?
      Do you have examples for doing so?

      Thank you for any response!