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    Considering File PersistenceManager

    Michael Arnett Newbie

      I am using JBoss-3.2.1 w/Tomcat.
      I am currently using hypersonic to manage persistence, but I am considering moving to something else. Because persistence/delivery is a MUST for all the messages, I am looking at the File PM. I was curious if anyone had used this and, if they had, any recommendations. I am primarily concerned with the fact that the jbossmq-service.xml states that to restart a JBoss server, the 'directory must be empty'. What exactly does this mean? Specifically, is this stating that all undelivered message data must be removed? That seems counter intuitive. I assume I am misunderstanding something here. I am also interested in opinions on the performance numbers attained by the File PM (msg/sec).
      Thanks in advance,

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          Markus Härnvi Newbie

          I started using the file based PM. I don't think it can recover a queue after restarting the server. I always had to delete the waiting messages (JBoss 3.0-series).

          After moving to hypersoniq the queue could be recovered after reboot. But hypersoniq seems to crash frequently when the queue size increases. I have tried different memory settings but it seems to always crash when the QueueDepth reaches around 30000 messages (JBoss 3.2-series)

          I am now trying mysql. It seems that the queue is much more stable, but there is a rather big performance penalty.


          I'd love to hear more stories about PersistanceManager in JBossMQ.