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    JMS tutorial with Jboss

    omerigon Newbie


      I am looking for an example of using JMS with Jboos. After looking all around I found nothing except the Luke Taylor Getting started with Jboss tutorial.
      After downloading the exemples : jbossj2ee-src.zip, the funny part came. This archive contains no source at all. Just a struts distribution, some properties and ant build files.
      Can some body help to find ressources on using JMS with Jboss.
      Thanks for your help.

      Olivier MERIGON

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          Elias Ross Master

          You can always fork over some $$$ and get the for-pay documentation subscription. Or, buy a "dead tree" version from the bookstore, which covers JMS fundamentals.

          Or, if you're cheap, I would download the CVS version of JBoss and take a look at the unit tests. Unit tests are not a great way to test, but serve as documentation.