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    richfaces and URLRewriter bug

    null null Novice

      I am not sure whether the bug is in URLRewriter or RichFaces. I have been going over URLRewriter in debug mode over and over so this might be in richfaces, but I am not sure(if it is, it is definitely a corner case).

      Basically, I have input rule(NOT an output rule). when I use this rule, I get the xhtml facelets page back WITHOUT the src="ajax4sf....." javascript file reference so my xhtml page never makes the request to seam to get the javascript file and all my richfaces components are broken. Otherwise, the URLRewriter is extremely stable but I don't get why it doesn't work with richfaces. Here is my rule that breaks it which is just a PASSTHROUGH rule....


      Again, not that is the ONLY rule and when I get a file in the web folder, it only comes back with NO reference to javascript file in the file for some reason. I am using templates, does that make a difference? I really need this URLRewriter for what I am doing :( but I don't want to lose richfaces either. Any thoughts? I have debugged the heck out of URLRewriter( http://tuckey.org/urlrewrite/ )

      please anyone help!!!!

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          null null Novice

          more on the issue. so, I added the javascript line that I see when I don't use URLRewriter to the template.xhtml file myself and it DOES go through to the browser and is NOT filtered out by URLRewriter, but when Richfaces sticks that line in there, it is deleted for some reason and the script doesn't work..

          Also, my HACK didn't work...even though the javascript file is not there, it calls the server correctly, but never receives the response for some reason...ahhhhh