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    Publishing to remote topic fails during JBoss startup

    Mark Mills Newbie

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.1. On two separate servers I am running topics and the two JBoss servers publish messages back and forth to each other. Everything works correctly once JBoss has completely finished deploying. I have added functionality to one service to send a message to the other using a remote publishing connection. The message is sent prior to JBoss being completely started, but theoretically after all of the jboss.mq services are started. This is my failure point. Calling the same method works once JBoss is fully started. I enabled trace per the sticky faq. What I see is that the failed communication never gets a SpyConnectionConsumer. The successful communication does get a SpyConnectionConsumer.
      I thought it might be the timing of the service, so I started adding depends to it. I eventually added all the jboss.mq services as dependencies, but that didn't resolve the problem.
      There are no exceptions or failure messages. But the message isn't delivered. I thought perhaps there is some service I need to wait on but I haven't been able to discover it.
      Any ideas?