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    Using JBoss with SonicMQ as JMS Server

    Eduardo Dela Rosa Newbie


      Has anyone tried configuring JBoss 3.2.3 with SonicMQ V5 as JMS Server?
      I plan to have my MDB (EARed) contained and run by JBoss but using SonicMQ
      as the JMS Server.

      I just can't drop JBoss because of proven performance, but the speed and volume
      of messages (5 million/day) that my application requires couldn't live with
      JBossMQ alone. I always got stuck with JMS Exception, particularly with
      OutOfMemoryException, when the amount of messages reach 150K.

      It would be great if someone could provide me hint on how to set them both
      (JBossMQ+SonicMQ) to allow load balancing most especially during peak hour.

      Thanks you.