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    Conversions in textmessage w+ w* w-

    snicoll@kiala.com Newbie


      I've found a very weird behavior. I am using Jboss 3.2.3 with Postgres 7.3.4 as JMS persistence manager.

      When I read some message which are on a queue using psql I got conversions like the following :

      [.....] 9cc50700c0a801ef01fd93c6fw-9dc9b18 [.....]

      note the w- which was not in the original message. Sometimes it's a w+ or w*

      When I read the message and output it in the console, everything is ok, I got

      [.....] 9cc50700c0a801ef01fd93c6f9dc9b18 [.....]

      Anybody knows who's doing this conversion and why?