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    Messages only delivered after server restart.

    tdevos Newbie


      Platform: Using JBoss-3.2.3 on W2K server with JDK 1.4.2_03.

      I send messages with client A to a JBOSS server. On the server I implemented a service, just a simple java program, which listens on the queue and puts it on another queue depending on the content of the message. Client B listens to the same JBOSS server on the destinationqueue. Everything works fine but sometimes the server keeps its messages on the queue and don`t passes them to client B. I can see this easily when I turn on the filePM. The strange thing is that after a restart of the JBOSS server the messages got delivered immediatly to client B. Has anybody an idea whether this is a bug or do I miss something?

      One more strange thing. If I take a look in the jmx-console it says that there are 0 messages on the queue. However after the restart it gives the correct number of messages.

      Extra information:
      - The clients and the queuerouter both use HTTPConnectionFactory. If I mix 2 protocols, e.g. the clients use HTTPConnectionFactory and the queurouter OIL/UIL or whatever else then this problem is even worse.
      - I also implemented onException and no exceptions occur on both client and server.
      - It is implemented with onMessage (asynchronous)
      - I tried cloning the message instead of just forwarding the message in the router but this also gives the same result.
      - All messages are sended/routed with unlimited timetolive.


      Tim De Vos