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    A problem on JMS

    jasonyin Newbie

      Hi, All.

      I use J2SDK 1.4.2 + JBoss 3.2.3 + MySQL, and I have a problem when exchange messages between server and client by JMS.

      client starts and listen to a Queue, and JMS will send messages to the Queue, and client will receive message.

      When I use QueueSender.send(msg) in server, client can receive message but when the client restart and listen to the same Queue, all messages will be received again.

      So I use QueueSender.send(msg,deliveryMode, priority,30000) in server, my means is that messages will be removed after 30 seconds. It can work when Jboss & Client run in a same machine, but Client cannot receive any message when Jboss and Client run in different machines.

      Thanks for any help