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    MDB transaction

    Scott S Newbie

      I have recently switched to XADataSource. Since I switched over what I am seeing is that everything runs fine except my sql INSERT statement doesn't seem to commit. How do I know if it is not being commited? Well, when I shut JBoss down, then I would see the records in the database. I am using Container managed transaction. I just thought that someone would know because this seem like some configuration mistake I might have made.

      Here is the flow.

      MDB send a message to next
      MDB send a message to next
      MDB calls a SessionBean which insert records into database.

      Is there some sort of cache? Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          Other than this code being inside an MDB what has this got to do with messaging?

          You also don't show any code, configuration or error message.

          Enable trace logging for org.jboss.ejb.plugins, org.jboss.resource and org.jboss.tm
          and examine the output in log/server.log
          Once you know where it is failing post a more detailed analysis in the relevent
          forum. Do not post here unless it relates to JMS.


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            Scott S Newbie

            You are absolutely right. I am kind of clueless to which forum my question should be posted to. I will try enabling the logging for those packages as you have recommended. Thanks for your quick response anyway. I appreciate it.