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    Retrieve DestinationManager ?

    nilsson Newbie

      I need to create queues from my code. I Have figured from the documentation that I need to call createQueue() on DestinationManager, but how do I retrieve the DestinationManager instance ?



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          Adrian Brock Master

          I think I'm going to start deleting these posts by people who can't use the
          search function.
          These duplicate questions (that go unanswered because nobody is interested
          in answering the sames questions over and over again)
          just make it harder for people who do use search to find answers to their questions.

          This isn't even a jms question - it is a question about jmx.

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            nilsson Newbie


            I tried to use the search function. After your reply I searced the Management, JMX/JBoss forum for DestinationManager and did not see any posts that was on any great help.

            Can someone please point me to the post Adrian refers to.

            Adrian: I am sorry if you feel my question was inapropriate. However when I am using the JMS service and hava a need for creating queues, how should I have understood that this was not an JMS question ?



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              Adrian Brock Master

              Try again with createQueue in this forum (messaging) - that is what you are trying to do.

              I can see a number of relevent posts including one by schoeto where your question is
              answered directly.

              You will also find lots of unanswered posts by people who didn't use
              search and got ignored.

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                Adrian Brock Master

                More time wasted helping incompetents.

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                  joseph523 Newbie


                  "adrian@jboss.org" wrote:
                  More time wasted helping incompetents.

                  Wow. I can hardly believe how inappropriate and unprofessional your comment was. I think you owe nilsson an apology. If this is the approach of the Director of Support - to demean people asking honest questions - then I am not impressed. The forum is huge and you can't expect everyone to know the "magic keywords" the way you do because your constantly work within its content. Maybe if the JBoss documentation were better then this wouldn't happen.

                  Go ahead and delete my post.

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                    Adrian Brock Master

                    I have no intention of deleting your post.

                    This forum is huge because it is full of the same questions over and over again,
                    posted by people who don't make any effort and think open source means
                    sucker who will do their work for them.

                    1) How do I configure X for an MDB?
                    2) What does ConnectionRefused mean?
                    3) How do I create a queue?
                    4) XAConnectionFactory not bound

                    If you think the documentation is bad, you are welcome to contribute to the WIKI,
                    but my guess is you don't.