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    joe panico Newbie


      I'm looking for a simple JMS provider, but I have a couple of architectural restrictions.

      I'm looking to use only the P2P domain.

      1) I'm not allowed to deploy (or embed) any databases at all. Can JBoss use the filesystem to store P2P messages?

      2) Both peers (producer and consumer) for the initial deployment will run in the same process. So I want the communications between peers to not use network based communications, but instead use a wholly intra-process communications mechanism. And the entire JMS service must run "in-process"-- there cannot be a standalone server.

      Since my needs are so simple, you are probably wondering why I bother with JMS at all-- looks like running over an ant with a tank. The answer is that I want the queue based communications to use an API that would allow me to activate or swap-in fancier features in the future, such as distributed communications, persistent messages, etc.

      thanks for any tips,