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    MDB Maintaining Reference to JMS Connection

    Tom Keeney Newbie

      I am developing an MDB in JBoss 3.2.3 that receives a Message then posts a response to a Destination.

      To improve performance, should I maintain a reference to a single JMS Connection throughout the life of the bean and reuse this Connection to create a new Session for each posted response? I have read in (http://www.huihoo.com/jboss/online_manual/3.0/ch08s32.html) that this is the preferred approach and also that Sessions are pooled. I have not seen any evidence in the src regarding Session pooling and I am concerned that maintaining an open connection for each MDB may exhaust resources. Thanks in advance for your thoughts on the JMS internals and pooling.

      public class ForwardingWorkFlowBean extends MDB, MessageListener {
       private QueueConnection connection;
       private Queue queue;
       public void ejbCreate() {
       Context jndiContext = new InitialContext();
       QueueConnectionFactory factory = (QueueConnectionFactory)jndiContext.lookup("XXXX");
       this.queue = (Queue)jndiContext.lookup("YYYYY");
       this.connection = factory.createQueueConnection();
       public void ejbRemove() {
       public void onMessage(Message message) {
       // do blah
       QueueSession session = this.connection.createQueueSession();
       QueueSender sender = session.createSender(this.queue);