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    Help mayday...mayday... !!!

    local_object Newbie

      hi guys im new to jboss 3.2.2, i have problem with jbossmq. I have develop mdb and session bean in one ear, and bind it into topic/SomeMDB and ejb/SomeSession. When i deploy it, JBoss automatically bind topic and session bean. (i let configuration default, nothing new except new mySqlDs.xml in server/default)

      Everything works fine when i was test application client on the same mechine. But exception thrown out when i was trying to connect mdb in different mechine, while session bean works fine. I suspect may be the problem becouse i didnt set destination-service.xml and jbossmq-state.xml, i still use default configuration. Ive already try different connectionfactory, ConnectionFactory,XAConnectionFactory,UILConnectionFactory but problem still same. Please help me guys. I have deadline in 42 ours !!!!......