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    JBOSS and MQ Queues

    nitgul Newbie

      I am just a beginer in JMS. I want to know whether it possible for JBOSS to host MQ Queues?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          I assume by MQ you mean MQSeries/WebsphereMQ and not JBossMQ

          See the link at the bottom of the JBossMQ WIKI page:

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            nitgul Newbie

            yes by MQ I mean MQSeries/WebsphereMQ

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              nitgul Newbie

              I have downloaded the attached file and when i try to unzip it using winzip it gives me an error that it is not a valid archive and try to download again. The name of the file that gets downloaded is "download.php.zip". Please provide me the correct zip.
              Thanks for the help.

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                Adrian Brock Master

                If you are having problems downloading from sourceforge, contact their support staff.

                Much as I would like to spend time figuring out why you can't download from
                a website (not!), I have better things to do.

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                  nitgul Newbie

                  Sorry Adrain,

                  I was not logged into the site which was causing the problem. I have downloaded the zip. Anyways thanks for the help and sorry for bothering you.


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                    Maarten Verbeek Newbie


                    I also want to integrate MQSeries with JBoss.
                    So I would like to know where to find the information to do it.
                    Can you help me?



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                      Adrian Brock Master

                      The FAQ

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                        Carlos Lizarralde Newbie

                        Hi, after doing some hard work and some research I have been able to get a distributed transaction between between Websphere MQ and other Oracle DB.

                        The main problem we I had was to get an XA connection from Websphere MQ using the TCP Protocol ( not the bind protocol ). the client code is as simple as this.....

                        MQXAQueueConnectionFactory queueConnectionFactory = new MQXAQueueConnectionFactory();
                        queueConnectionFactory.setCCSID (1208);
                        queueConnectionFactory.setChannel ("channel");
                        queueConnectionFactory.setHostName ("host");
                        queueConnectionFactory.setPort (1415);
                        queueConnectionFactory.setQueueManager ("NP_Test");
                        queueConnectionFactory.setTransportType (JMSC.MQJMS_TP_CLIENT_MQ_TCPIP);
                        XAQueueConnection queueConnectionXA = queueConnectionFactory.createXAQueueConnection() ;

                        The error I got was XA Client not enabled and after downloading every IBM MQ client available nothing seemed to work. After some debugging I saw the MQEnvironment class that had a beautifull property called xaClientEnabled that with false as default value.

                        So, I only had to set it true to get this test to work. Hope this helps.

                        pd: This property is a protected ;)