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    Message redelivery intervals on transaction rollbacks

    Geir Morten Hagen Newbie

      I have an application that I'm porting from Websphere 5.0 to JBoss 3.2.3 and one of the requirements is for rolled back messages to be redelivered "forever", until the transaction can be commited. Sounds like a bad idea, but the application is designed to work this way (and it works fine). The problem is that when the message is rolled back, jboss tries to redeliver it instantly and this causes 100% cpu load when it's rolled back multiple times. WebsphereMQ seems to wait for some time before trying to redeliver it, and that would be preferable in jboss as well.

      Is there some setting for this or do I have to resolve to something like Thread.sleep()? I tried to increase the ReconnectIntervalSec in the invoker-proxy-binding for message driven beans in standardjboss.xml, but that didn't help.